Aloha, i am simona

"Simona has such a warm loving essence within herself that's very attractive and powerful, she always tries to help others, pushing love where it's needed and do it with open arms and compassion." 
G.M.V. - Mililani

I am originally from Italy, and I adopted Hawai'i as Home in 2010. I live and love and share on The North Shore of O'ahu.

During  2012, my body developed an allergy to parabens and toxic ingredients.

I am certified in Aromatherapy, Western Herbalism, and studying La'au lapa' au, Chinese Herbalism, Ayurvedic Herbalism and AstroHerbalism.

I grew up surrounded by art, music, crystals and Energy Healing. Of course I could not help and become a healer.

Making products to help others heal and feel better, physically or energetically, is my "tangible" Energy Work. Being of Service of Others is part of my mission in this Life Time.

Feel free to check more about my Heart Work on my healing website, the Italian version

To stay connected IG@magicpotionsbysimona or @simonahawaii

Aloha Nui Loa!